Rolf J. Weithofer

Chef Bio

Originally from Queens, New York, Rolf J. Weithofer, of Austrian and German decent, was lured into the culinary world when his passion for food was discovered at an early age.

Weithofer went on to study at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where he graduated with honors and learned to develop his own distinct style and flare. He continued his career in the international food service industry encompassing more than 22 years of professional culinary experience at exclusive restaurants and hotels in New York, Maui, Germany, Japan, Los Angeles, Venezuela, Miami, and Puerto Rico, including the renowned Maxim’s de Paris in New York City.

Over the years, Weithofer has received numerous awards recognizing his culinary achievements and talent. In 2009 he was awarded the prestigious Hermann G. Rush Award from the American Culinary Federation, given to individuals for Culinary Excellence. In 1996, he was honored as “One of North America’s Outstanding Chefs” by the American Tasting Institute in San Francisco, California. Weithofer also received a Gold Medal for his participation in the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany, as a Culinary Apprentice for the USA-Culinary National Team.

Weithofer’s culinary creations reflect his passion-to feature freshness and flavor with an overall focus on healthy cuisine. To do so, he utilizes the many resources he has acquired over the years in addition to supporting local farmers by utilizing the fresh, and seasonal quality products native to the region. Weithofer synthesizes the essence of the region by adapting his skills and utilizing his experience in the creative, inquisitive manner of a master chef and visionary.

Weithofer is dedicated to his craft and his team; so much so that he developed a list of guiding principles he refers to as his “Culinary Commitments.” The 10 commitments for success include components such as customer service, employee engagement, communication, and food quality, to name a few.

Currently Weithofer, resides in Brooklyn where he has started a Consulting company, Zikazaka Inc., to offer his extensive expertise in the Food & Beverage world.

With an everyday focus on team work, Weithofer is an inspiring leader whose philosophy is simple – have fun at what you do; enjoy your passion; create a balance; and when you cook good, you’ll feel good.

Always keep your knife sharp and think about your next task! In all aspects of life!

Guten appetite!